Thursday, November 27, 2008

The falling autumn leaves

The charm and attributes of the autumn season are often embodied in countless poems, songs, and films made throughout history. Melancholy, sorrow, and death are often associated with autumn. Almost daily showers, chilly wind, and grey skies inescapably dampen our mood. Yet, it also speaks and smells of nature's bounties. Think of grape harvests, apple pies, wild mushrooms, fat seafood, and game meat. It is also all about vivid and vibrant colours of the leaves - the lovely autumn foliage.

For many Norwegians, it's the time to light candles, have a drink of wine, and keep the hearth warm. Some go salmon fishing and moose hunting. Others go berry and mushroom picking.

This autumn, my husband and I went mushroom hunting in Rogaland Arboret, had a delightful weekend trip to the cabin in Myrdal, picked loads of blueberries lingonberries, ate a traditional and unique dish called "smalahove" in Voss, made an autumn dish "fårikål" or lamb in cabbage at home, had regular pancakes and waffles in the weekends, and truly enjoyed our seafood dinners on Fridays.

Birds have migrated. Animals are soon to go into hibernation. The bright autumn colours are long gone. Autumn has almost left us and winter has arrived at our doorstep. Once again, we are reminded of the brevity of life when seasons change.

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